Info & Pricing

Photography, and the visual impact it can give your business in terms of quick, positive, feelgood messages has never been more true in our world of ever increasing screen use.

A set of strong, relevant and professionally executed images, optimised for web or print use,  can communicate what we want to say often with greater accessiblity and impact than text heavy websites or literature, engaging potential customers and inspiring them to come to us.

I love all aspects of image capture and for businesses I am always happy to capture products, still life and landscape images as well as portraits and images involving people.

These are some of the more common photographic services I cover and am asked to produce:

providing up-to-date strong and flattering headshots or portraits of your company members. These can be more straightforward head and shoulder images or  more full length portraits in a specific environment, or image of colleagues or staff carrying out an activity relevant to the business etc.

refreshing the photographic content on your webstie. This can be anything from a pre-planned and conceived set up shot with props etc, product images or documenting an event or a mix of these

providing images for a particular project, launch or event

images for on and off-line brochures, catalogues, in-house magazines, press and publicity

documenting award ceremonies, conferences, corporate publicity and pr events, parties, receptions, launches, performances etc

For guideline rates, terms and other useful information, please click on the link to the left of this page, or get in touch to have an intial chat, check my availability or discuss your brief. Corporate, commercial and general publicity and pr photographic requirements vary greatly.  I will be able to guide you as to the most effective and economical way to get the results you are looking for and give you a tailored price.