Kind Words

I am lucky enough to have received lovely feedback from my clients over the years. Here are some testimonials.  Most of my clients will be happy to talk to you about their experience of having me as their photographer. Please contact me for details.

Having these photographs taken was such a wonderful experience. I was feeling nervous about being in front of the camera, especially baring all! Anna made me feel completely at ease and I actually found myself really relaxing and enjoying it. I look at the photos now and am so pleased I did it, to have these as a memory of my pregnancy is very special. If you're thinking about having some pregnancy photos done, go for it!

Kirstin, maternity session

Any apprehensions we may have had about Anna handling not only our newborn baby Lizzie but also our five-year daughter Rebecca quickly evaporated within minutes of the start of the session. The atmosphere was relaxed and non-pressured as Anna worked around us as a family seamlessly. It was lovely the way she engaged Rebecca so that she felt involved as big sister and not overwhelmed by attention just on Lizzie. Anna seemed to know instinctively, without me having to ask, when the moment was right to take a break.

Babies grow so quickly; I am already looking back on those pictures with cherished memories and so glad we had her photographed so soon after her arrival.

Frances, newborn session

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with the photos of Yanni. We can't stop talking about them and looking at them! After the wedding photos, we just knew we'd love these too, and we do - you've really captured the real Yanni and we'll cherish these always.

Christina, baby session

I just wanted to send you a quick note about the shots of Isobel. Obviously it is a little difficult to be objective given the subject matter, however, I think the shots are tremendous. I've worked with a lot of 'people' photographers over the years and yet I don't remember ever having so much useable material 'back from the lab'. We are over the moon with the pictures.

Richard, baby session

I clearly remember the first few times Anna came to photograph my sisters and me. I had always hated being in photos especially if I was told what to do and made to pose, but with Anna she’d just be with us and play with us. Mostly we would go on a walk or into the forest near out house and play with our dollies or make dens and climb trees, and she just caught us usually when we least expected it.

The most recent time Anna photographed me was last summer. Now I am a teenager it was a bit different as Anna and I talked about the shoot before we started and, because I’m interested in clothes and fashion and photography, Anna really involved me in decisions. She suggested I dress in ‘me’ clothes – what I liked to wear and felt good in - but also we talked about colours and accessories that we might use like hats etc. Getting ready was really fun, a bit like a real fashion shoot expect it was just me and Anna so I felt really relaxed.

Whenever we get the photographs back, we always love them. In fact mum always says that we look natural and exactly how and who we are. I know mum sees them as something she will look back on and know that was exactly how we were, not all glammed up, but a perfect window into that moment of our lives.

Eleanor 15 yrs-old, family sessions over the years

We wanted to capture memories of Arthur before he started school. Anna surpassed all our expectations and produced images that are so precious to us. These include pictures of him concentrating intently on his beloved trains and a timeless shot of his bottom lip protruding following a disagreement with his bike. Just perfect and achieved because he was so at ease with Anna. After the session, Anna was equally great at helping us to make the very best of the images. We chose mainly framed prints, which give us pleasure daily at home. One of my most treasured possessions is my beautiful glacier block of Arthur that sits on my bedside table and melts my heart every time I look at it.

Justine, family session

Anna came to photograph us whilst we were on holiday in Aldeburgh celebrating my mother’s birthday. The whole family was there (17 of us) and we ranged in age from 10–80.
From the start Anna slotted in and became part of the family for the day. She was very easy going, bubbly and warm and had an innate ability to efficiently organise all ages without being intrusive. She managed to obtain some very striking photographs of individuals, and small and big family groups, without ruffling feathers. Even self-conscious teenagers, reluctant husbands and rumbustious dogs were made to relax and smile – quite a feat.
It had been a slightly dreary day weather-wise, so we were particularly thrilled with the end results which didn’t reflect this at all. It was hugely difficult to decide which to keep – there were so many stunning ones to choose from. Anna however was extremely helpful and patient in this process – she really wanted to get it right for us.

Jo, Day-in-the life, extended family session

This is a very poignant picture as Bear went everywhere with Tilly and she could not be without it. Then Bear fell off the pram and Andy went back to Cambridge and searched the streets with no luck. There is a lovely bear shop there and we told Tilly that Bear was playing with friends. Now this picture is all we have, and hugely precious it is as it was so much part of her and our memories of her as a little one.

We have loved Anna’s photos. They have captured moments in time of my family that are not only visually beautiful in the way they are taken but in the character and attitudes that they convey – so fully encapsulating the essence of my children. Anna has an amazing talent in bringing out what makes us ‘us’. Over our sessions we have had such fun - we have played on beaches and in woods, messed about in the garden, relaxed inside, enjoyed a session in her studio for some classic portraits before piling out to run in fields and along country lanes.

When you receive the results you find yourself engaged with every picture – some because they are simply lovely, others because they make you laugh as it is so George,Maddie or Tilly, and others because they so simply reflect you and your family that you know it is a timeless piece that you never want to be without. One such picture sits on my desk at work and it is consistently commented on for its beauty and energy!

Helen, family sessions over the years