During your session, as well as taking individual portraits of your children, I will capture the relationships and connections within your family: between you as parents and your children, siblings together and with other relatives like grandparents if they are present. And at some point during every session I will capture you all together as a family.

The key is taking time over the session so that we can take advantage of those group photo opportunities when they arise naturally. For the group of you all together, this might involve going for a walk and stopping every now and then for a coming together, or it may come about from a group activity such as reading a book or playing a game. What really matters is not that everyone is posing for the camera, but that there is a happy dynamic and connection portrayed between you all, lots of relaxed togetherness and letting the children take the lead.

Sometimes families with older children have a specific group photograph in mind and this can easily be planned ahead of your session and I can help with ideas.

My family photography services also include Day in the Life/ Extended Family Sessions. This can include more than one family and/or several generations coming together. These sessions are a very popular as a landmark birthday present for the parents or grandparents. I have included a sample Day In the Life Session in the Sample Sessions gallery to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

If you would like to chat more, or make a booking, please contact me on 07811 242266 or email me at anna@annamccarthy.com.

Image from Anna McCarthy Photography
Image from Anna McCarthy Photography
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