the value of a professional headshot

As many of my clients will testify, having a flattering, up to date and stron headshot or portrait of yourself that reflects who you are and that you are happy to show others, can be a huge help to your business and a multitude of on- and off-line actiivities. It can also overnight boost your self-image, self-awareness and crucially your confidence.

These days, it is not just businessmen and women, actors, authors, artists and performers who are contacting me. In our increasing online world, where our business and our social lives play out to a greater and greater extent, having a professsional portrait that you are really proud of is an incredibly useful and desired by us all.

Over the last 15 years I have met numerous individuals from many walks of life and pretty much every single one of those individuals came to me with the opening line

'I hate having my picture taken and never like photographs of myself'.

With my caring but no fuss approach to my headshot and portraiture sessions, utilising years of experience in how to relax my subjects and create the right atmosphere for their session (for more details on how it works and what to expect, click on the pdf on the left hand side of the info & pricing page) combined with my skilled work in postproduction, I guaranteee to either elimate that fear altogether, or at the very least, to show you that having your portrait taken can be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience. And that's before you have seen the results which I guarantee to be a million miles away from the iphone snap taken by a friend that you've tried to cobble together.

If you are looking for a more extended portrait session, traditionally called an Environmental Portrait - perhaps a full, or three-quarter length image taken in a specific location or environment that has meaning to you or your life, please get in touch. These kind of portraits take a little more planning and thought, but I absolutely love to work with clients to create something that will illuminate pictorially more of what you are about. This can be with the aid of a specific background or location, props or a specific pose, or a combination of the both and also in the use of lighting and other photographic effects that can be employed.

Please browse the gallery section to view a whole mix of different types of portraiture. You will also see more on the business gallery page.

Whether you are a small start-up business looking to create a visual presence online for your business, a larger or more established company looking to refresh your staff photographs or key company members,  are an actor, writer, model, artist or musician in need of a simple headshot, or simply an indvidual who would like to have a cracking portrait of yourself to hand perhaps for social media use, together we will create stunning results for you that will perfectly communicate the visual message/s you want to send out to others.

For individual headshot and portrait session please click on  the pdf on the info & pricing page to find out more or get in touch for an initial chat or to find out my availablity.

I hope to hear from you.