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Please browse the gallery above to see some of the products and display choices in my Wedding Product Range. You will also find more product images at this link

I have carefully sourced all these products myself, keeping at the forefront of my choices high standards of quality and classic simplicity which always equals longevity and timelessness. If one keeps to these principles then a framed image will work in any interior - modern or traditional - and will give you years of everyday pleasure.

My framing service to you is bespoke which means that I will work with you and my suppliers to ensure that you have the perfect piece tailored to your designated space. All my frames use very high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced materials and a choice of standard or non-reflective glass. All my prints are framed professionally to ensure they are protected and archival and a perfect fit and finish.

The wedding album supplier I have chosen to work with is Folio with a choice of both more tradtional matted albums or fine art inkjet printed ones. Both are archival processes and very superior in quality of materials and craftesmenship. If you choose a wedding album from me, you can be assured that you will have a stunning heirloom, produced by the UK's most respected album maker,  and you will be able to order smaller copy albums alongside them which make wonderful gifts for parents, godparents, maids of honour etc.

Images coming soon of my new sample Folio albums.

Many wedding clients ask me to produce a wedding thank you card for them using a couple of their favourite images from the day. Again these are bespoke designed by me and are sent to you with accompanying envelopes. I often work on these while you are on honeymoon so that the cards are ready for you to write and send upon your return.

For a full list of all the options in my range including descriptions, sizes and prices please contact me for more information. You can also see more images of the products in my range in the family section under products .

Image from Anna McCarthy Photography
Image from Anna McCarthy Photography
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