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Creating a memorable and stunning record of your wedding day in photographs is without doubt one of the most rewarding yet demanding jobs you can undertake as a photographer.

Creativity is obviously right up there in the importance stakes, but you also need a host of technical skills (both in-camera and postproduction); the right attitude and approach before, on and after the day; a rapport, ease and a real liking for all types of people; a desire to put 110% into every single wedding you shoot; be seriously organised and on the ball; and last but no means least, have bags of hands-on experience in shooting all kinds of weddings in all kinds of weathers and at all kinds of venues.

Broadly speaking in photography there are images that are captured (without the subject being aware), and those that are constructed (where the photographer might be gently directing you) and then there are images where your subjects are aware of the photographer's presence in the background but happily focussed on what they are doing elsewhere. You will find a complete mix of images in my wedding work – always a majority of the former but sometimes a few more gently directed ones - if you want them.

I say if you want them, because on your wedding day I want you to have as minimal interference in the proceedings from me as possible.  Therefore, if you choose me as your photographer, we will have all these imporatant conversations before the day so that on the day itself, time with each other and your guests is maximised because we have already worked out if and when any group family photographs will take place and/or portraits of the two of you (which are usually just a 10 min walkabout with the two of you and me when you are ready).

For the majority of the day I will quietly and unobtrusively observe and capture photographs, documenting the day as it unfolds.

Over the last 15 years I have been entrusted to photograph many weddings  – and although I've been on lots of training courses, have continued to learn from fellow photographers and to keep abreast of technology and trends, no amount of training has matched the value of just getting out and photographing lots and lots of  weddings.

Experience is definitely something I am very glad to have, but that is not to say I am ever blasé when it comes to shooting weddings.  Although I am confident, I still feel some nerves when I wake up with a full day’s wedding to shoot. And I realise that I need to have this adrenalin to focus me and to challenge myself to get even better photographs than the last wedding I shot.

Afterwards, in the postproduction work I do, I will put in at least the same time again to produce beautiful print-ready finsihed results. The ability to do this is again learned through years of looking at and assessing images and honing my digital postproduction skills.

From my first contact with you to you receiving your final finished results, my promise is to give you the very best of my creativity, energy and skill and care.

If you decide to consider me as your wedding photographer, the first steps we will take are

* check if I am free for your wedding day

* if possible meet so you can see if we are a good fit and so I can find out a bit more about your own individual wedding day and plans and help you in this process

* show you the range of my wedding work and also work in print

* show you some of my bespoke fine art albums, frames, mounted prints and other stunning ways you will be able to celebrate your images in print and display

* show you whole weddings I have photographed so you can see that I am able to shoot consistently great images that will tell the story of your day

* discuss the balance of imagery you would like and schedule in any group/ formal photographs you might want and/or some first portraits of you both together

I can honestly say that each and every wedding I have photographed over the years has been a privilege - both professionally and personally. I feel very lucky to have been entrusted to capture the memories of so many couple's most important day of their lives. I hope to be part of yours too.

Getting in touch with me

I am based in Teddington in the London Borough of Richmond. Each year I cover weddings locally, in Central London, the home counties and further afield. I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad for your wedding.

To find out about my availability, have an initial chat or get a date into our diaries to meet, please email me at or call me on 07811242266. Or you can get in touch using my website form contact me

For more info you can also go to these links:  info & pricing  portfolio , wedding stories , weddings on my blog or browse my Instagram feed.